Class of 2014
Self-cultivation: physical, mental, and spiritual fortitude

225 bench a few weeks ago

315 low bar squat today

405 deadlift coming soon

student loans make me want to crey

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225 bench pr to chest 7/21/14

300 squat pr atg today

that’s what i’ve been missing these past 3-4 years. diet (lack thereof) is why i only went from 140-160 from sophomore-senior year. i always made the excuse “i have a high metabolism” or w/e, i was simply not eating enough

for the past month i’ve been very consistent with being present in the gym 6x/week, putting in good effort: regular hypertrophy split, but with no real progression laid out.

need to reorient my goals, i want to (in order)…:

with this in mind: diet. minimum of 3k cal/day. minimum 100g protein/day. so far so good, been averaging 3-4k cal/day for the past week, gained a pound a couple pounds. COUNT YOUR CALORIES!!!

training: wanna try running smolov jr. for bench using 205 as starting pr, aiming for 225 at the end of 3 week cycle. meanwhile, get in squats/deadlifts/pullups at least once a week just to keep my legs alive.

Day 1(smolov): 6 set smolov bench, 5 set pullups

Day 2(squat): back squat 5x5, front squat 3x8, curl

Day 3(smolov): 7 set smolov bench, 5 set pullups

Day 4(back): deadlift 5x5, row 3x8, curl

Day 5(smolov): 8 set smolov bench, 5 set pullups

Day 6(smolov): 10 set smolov bench

Day 7: rest 

might be a bit much, but we’ll see how it goes

(middle finger emoji) don’t need your shit

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The ones that live for tomorrow, get fucked by the ones living for today. I only live for today. I’ll show you just how fucked up that can be.

felt a little moisture in my eye

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Your Man - Josh Turner


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weights will always be there for me, so long as i’m there for them. what i put in, i get out. regardless of how much i stray (smoking/drinking/girl/slovenliness/etc.), i can always turn to weights for comfort and catharsis. it teaches me discipline and determination, having to put in unconditional work everyday; and hopefully i can find a femme to be my weights, there for me to turn to and input unconditional love everyday. 

what did i expect from blind investments and inflated hopes?

time to redirect my focus off her, and on to myself:


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breeze smells so nostalgic

tom actually made me think today: we’re not going to be here forever, there’s going to be a day when we’re no longer here, unable to experience all that there is to experience. but rather than regretting/getting angry over what i haven’t done, i think there’s hope in having experienced so little; that means there’s even more out there waiting for me to do. just like teacher jay’s fish example: if you don’t catch any fish one day, you’re more likely to catch something the next. 

4/29/14 12:24 am 

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good feels

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mmm, windows open tonight

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nice going to ymca today, drive home was nice, nice nice nice. 

to study or not to study.

senior year, would be nice to have a girl to just take naps and cuddles with. talking not required. 

prom is meh, parents want me to go, i could care less. $$$

eyelids heavy

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